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The Stone Angel cover


One summer changed Stella Boyd forever. It was 1975. And his name was Zeph.

Fifteen years later, Stella’s life is full of excitement and danger as she travels the world writing magazine articles about women. But then one day she receives an urgent message that changes everything. Her father is missing at sea.

Stella heads home to Halfmoon Bay, the Tasmanian fishing village where she grew up. She desperately doesn’t want to face the painful memories that await her. But as she takes part in the search for her father, the life of her old home draws in around her. She finds herself taken back to the extraordinary summer when she met a young man who was sailing the world alone. A time of devastating tragedy, but also of first love…

Like the sea itself, the past rises up, refusing to be ignored. There are dark secrets to be unearthed, lost dreams recovered. Only then can hearts be healed, and an unexpected reward be claimed.

Praise for The Stone Angel

Australian Women’s Weekly – ‘Great Read’ Book of the Month ‘Full of passion … Wonderful stuff.’

‘A truly absorbing book filled with secrets and conflicts.’ Woman’s Day

‘A beautifully descriptive read and a soul-searching take on human relationships.’ New Idea

‘Scholes shows a rare ability to understand people in their specific geographical context and find within them the great surging passions of humanity.’ Sunday Tasmanian

‘Scholes has masterfully captured those fateful moments that can change the course of many lives. The Stone Angel touches the senses with its rich descriptions of coastal Tasmania and emerges as a lovingly crafted account of a home we can never run away from.’ Good Reading